The Untold Place at Raja Ampat Misool

A new different way of trip. We named it by cultural trip. Because in this trip, we will invite you not only to travel but also feel the life like the local citizen of Raja Ampat while studying the culture that they have.

DAY 1. Our team will pick you up at Sorong Airport by a car. We will gather with other guests at Pelabuhan Rakyat Sorong, preparing for a trip using Ferry to Fafanlap Pier, Misool. After arriving, we will continue our trip to Homestay in Kampung Lilinta, West Misool. Arived late afternoon, giving you a chance to enjoy the afternoon atmosphere in Raja Ampat followed by dinner and rest, preparation for our trip tomorrow. DAY 2. Wake up in the morning followed by a typical local breakfast menu. Once you are full, time to explore! The first destination we will visit is Putri Termenung. Followed by visiting Danau Love, a natural sea lake shaped like love. At noon, we will have lunch at Harfat Peak while enjoying the scenic beauty of the Raja Ampat Islands cluster. DAY 3. You will explore, snorkle and dive on Tatupunlek Island until lunch time arrives. After that, we will move to Pulau Besar until the afternoon. We will visit Gua Keramat to see the site local heritage there while feeling the sensation of swimming in the cave. Arriving at the Homestay, you will be greeted by the residents with a local dinner menu typical of local people. What other favors do you concentrate on. On this island, in addition to snorkeling and diving, you will also be invited to feel the sensation of fishing in the open seas. Once satisfied, we will go home to homestay. It's barbeque time! DAY 4. In the morning travelers get the opportunity to share experiences with local residents in one school until midday. Then, snorkling and diving on Iri Ulit Island, Sisi Island and Yos Island for almost 1 full day. By late afternoon, we will return to homestay by speed boat. Time for packing and saying goodbye to the citizens. DAY 5. After breakfast and ready to go home, you will be escorted to Dermaga Fafanlap by speed boat followed by sea route to Pelabuhan Rakyat Sorong using Ferry. The trip is over, but the memories should not be over. It's time to go home!