Cap Go Meh Festival Singkawang 2021

Chinese New Year in 2021 coincides on Friday, February 12th. The highlight of Cap Go Meh, 15 days after the Chinese New Year celebrations on February 26th, the most awaited was the parade of Dayak-Chinese Tatung, hundreds of Tatung parades around the city of Singkawang showing their magic along with a group of drummers intended to ward off disturbances or bad luck in the future, exorcism evil spirits and the negligence of bad luck symbolized by Tatung. Tatung is a human figure that according to some beliefs is being possessed by a spirit of God. The word 'tatung' itself comes from the Hakka language, which means spirit. Tatung is the main media of Cap Go Meh. Tatung attractions are filled with mysticism and tense because many people possessed and these people are called Tatung. In the Tatung attraction that has been possessed by the spirits of the deceased, acting strangely, some are trampling on a blade and some are sticking sharp steel wire into the right cheek to penetrate into the left cheek, strangely the Tatung were not scratched or injured at all. Cap Go Meh in Singkawang is a colossal cultural agenda that is usually carried out on the main streets of Singkawang which is colored by hundreds of temples of dominating Chinese culture which can be found in almost every corner of Singkawang, so the city is dubbed the city of a thousand temples.

Day 1. Airport - Pontianak - Singkawang Gathered at Pontianak Supadio airport and picked up and taken directly to the city of Pontianak and visited Pontianak Museum, Radang House (replica of the largest traditional Dayak house in Indonesia), along the Kapuas Square while enjoying the beauty of the Kapuas River which is the longest river continued towards Aloevera center which is a place Aloe vera cultivation continues to visit the Equator Monument, this monument becomes one of the icons of Pontianak City tourism and is always visited by the public. Then the journey continues to the city of Singkawang which is approximately 3-4 hours drive, arrive at the city of Singkawang Check-in hotel, dinner (rice box) and rest. Day 2. Singkawang - Pontianak After breakfast and hotel check-out, you will be taken directly to the stands to witness the Cap Go Meh Festival, which is the grandest festival in Southeast Asia that displays arts and cultural performances and culinary stands, lantern festivals, prayer rituals, rituals to open eyes of 12 dragons replicas , burning 12 dragons replicas, and the most awaited is the Tatung parade, each of which Tatung shows its magic and many other attractions. After the event, lunch and prepare to continue the journey back to the city of Pontianak to the PSP to shop at the souvenirs center in Pontianak, dinner and hotel check-in. Day 3. Pontianak - Airport After breakfast free program until departure time transfer to the airport. End of tour and services.